Alphatech offers a broad range of trays and special accessories for dessert baking, bread baking and savoury baking, designed for all types of oven cooking, for example: grills for grilling, baskets for frying, pans for pizzas, trays for baguettes and much more still.

These include an extra-thick pan in special aluminium alloy with high heat absorption, with non-stick surface treatment for pizza cooking.


Alphatech offers you the possibility to decide where to position your oven, choosing from a vast range of supports, leavening cabinetsand hot cabinets.

Alphatech accessories also include a hot leavening cabinet in stainless steel and glass door with electromechanical commands.

For tight spaces and where there's a need for diversified production, different combinations and compositions are possible.


In order to avoid the problem of cooking vapour accumulating in installations in supermarkets or delicatessens, we offer a practical extractor hood with incorporated air heat exchange condensation remover.

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